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Getting an Accelerated College Degree Online

You’ve had it. You’re tired of being in a dead-end job while young, inexperienced people pass you by simply because they have a piece of paper with the word, “degree? written on it. You’re in a professional rut and you want out of it.

The thought of going to college makes you nauseated, though. In the first place, it’s expensive. You might be able to afford to take a class at a time if you keep on working fulltime, but it would take you forever to get your degree at that rate. It won’t work logistically, either. You’re at work when most classes are offered, and evening classes conflict with family obligations. You live too far from a four-year college to make commuting practical, and you sure don’t want to move your family just to go to school.

You are not making excuses; these are honest barriers that most adults encounter when they consider getting a college degree. They feel like they need the degree, but don’t see how it’s possible to get it.

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